The individual who places his phone number on the signs, who will only give the name "Barry" and no other details, appears to be the leader of a small group who place these signs around the city. I know of one other who patrols the bike sites throughout the day, and removes my "hapification" additions, he, like Barry, is reluctant to identify himself, and I haven't had the chance to record his image.

For further details please visit the press page on this site.

Barry the "jesus bike" man

Who is responsible ?

People I have spoken with, advise that Barry has been rude and abusive to anybody who questions his actions, oftem quoting his "religous freedom" (see notes) and I've had reports from street artists and other buskers that he has damaged or destroyed their works and materials if they touch or cover his bikes.

Street artists and performers wish to cover the bikes as they find their crowds and earnings are smaller if one of these bikes are nearby.