Freedom of Speech/Religion 

In my discussions on and other forums, many people have spoken of Barry's "freedom of speech" and "freedom of religion",

I am a strong believer in these concepts, and I also believe that freedom of religion also includes "freedom from religion" and he has no right to steal a public resource to promote his religious ideology.

There are other street preachers in Melbourne, some of who are particularly loud and offensive, and  I regard their actions as part of the price of free speech. My contention with Barry and his followers is that they are stealing a public resource to promote their religious ideology. If Barry wished to join the other street preachers and stand with a sign, to promote his ideas, I would not be taking these actions to prevent him.

Instead, he works under the cover of darkness, and is aggressive and abusive towards those who question or try to record his actions. The way he attempts to remain anonymous, and in the way he secures his bikes (see jesus bikes), to me, shows he knows his actions are unacceptable to almost all of Melbourne's residents. 

I initially started putting happy positive 'Pastafarian" messages on the bikes, as a means to promote a crowd funding campaign that I was running, I was unsuccessful in generating any sales, but I did receive such a huge wave of publicity and support about "doing something about the jesus bikes"; that I felt obliged to continue in my efforts to raise awareness, and to instigate some action to prevent these bikes from polluting our city.

One message that struck me most, was from a father who said that each time he goes in to town with this daughters, he has to "deprogram and counsel" them, after they see the signs, and he regards the signs as "visual child abuse"

Why are you doing this ?