When touched by the appendage divine, many truths may be weaved into your mind. Another showed itself to me. A simple, succinct idea, appended to the first.

Make Something that Fits

The Noodly one, may cheese be upon him, finds people wearing colanders, very pleasing. But when he scans the interwebs, feels that people with large bits of kitchenware balanced precariously on their heads, at odd angles, lack the style and grace a Pastafarian should carry.


So with a mere brush of the appendage, The Noodly One has chosen my humble self, to bring colanders that fit, to the Pastafari masses. To be worn when they wish, to spread his style, cool and noodililacious, beyond the kitchen, and out into the world.

Smilliner & Colandier

Is my new craft, the first of a new trade, designing and fashioning holeywear from the holey alloy. Pastafarians can now have a colander that actually fits, and can be worn, to show the world their style and noodlilaciousness, but like it's big brother; is serious kitchenware, made to the same quality. Just right for pasta for two.

See I.G. with his friends in Melbourne:  #holeyheadware