To achieve true noodlilicousness, combine the Flying Spaghetti Monster's divine image, and the sacred strainer, to create The Holey Colander.

A world of tastier sauces, fragrant herbs,

mature cheeses,  fine drink, 

hearty meatballs and al-dente pasta.

Our Mission:

Hi, I'm I.G. McSporran, On a recent evening, I was touched by the Noodly One's divine appendage, and was given a message, and a mission.

So with my team​, we're working hard to fulfil The Noodly One's (may cheese be upon him) divine vision of a noodilicous world, and calling on all Pastrafarians to help us achieve his goal.

The ruggedly constructed Holey Colander will serve you for decades, while filling your kitchens and homes with the Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodlilicous blessings.

Join us now in our mission to create a better world, and secure a noodilicous future for yourself, your friends and family today.

I've been choosen to build and take this holey amalgum to the Pastafari masses, so they may receive his noodly blessings, and help create a noodlilicous world .