What is this madness ?

Smilliner & Colandier ?

Noodilicousness ?

Giraffes ?

Who is IG McSporran ?


What is this madness ?


Here's an interview with I.G. that might help, here's wikipedia. It's all in good fun. 

One of the best things about being a Pastafarian is that you don't take it seriously.

Smilliner and Colandier ?

Smiliner, (smɪlɪnə)  a maker of metal headwear. A portmanteau of  Smith, a metal worker and Milliner, a hat maker.  

Colandier, (kɒləndɪə) n a maker of colanders.


Noodilicousness ?

The power of The Holey Colander is so great, no current adjectives were adequate. 


Giraffes ?

Are very helpful to have around, it's unfortunate that only I can communicate with them verbally using my psychotronic enthalpalantic communicator,  but they're a great team to have on my mission.  

Who is IG McSporran ?


I.G. is a fictional being created in the mind of John McKenzie, who is just a guy from Melbourne who had an idea that he thought the internets would love, so he got on with designing and making  models. But as he's not really a social media guy, has a common name, and is aware that a grumpy, aspie, misanthrope is not a good sales representative. So he made me  to bring The Holey Colander  to the Pastafarian masses.


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I want one