May your Sauce


The Holey Colander, serious kitchenware, but noodlilicous.

be Rich and Tasty

Let us build a world of tastier sauces, fragrant herbs, mature cheeses, fine drink, hearty meatballs and al-dente pasta


Pastafarians, bring his noodly blessings into your kitchens, with this fusion of the Holey Item and Holey Image.

An amalgam that makes draining salad and straining pasta a joy, and fills your home with the Flying Spaghetti Monsters' noodly blessings.

The FSM deserves the best, so the holey colander is ruggedly constructed from the holey alloy, featuring mechanically fixed noodly appendage handles, and the three sacred meatballs as feet. The holy colander will serve you well in the kitchen  for decades, quietly radiating noodlilicousness throughout your home and life.

Help us in our mission to share his noodly gifts.

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